in·ti·ma·cy (noun)  

1. close or warm friendship or understanding; personal relationship 2. a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of a place, subject, period of history, etc.




We’ll meet again.



the only reason i go to school is because i donn’t wanna be an unemployed college drop out. i wanna be an unemployed college graduate 

thats the spirit

well, what kind of boys are you looking for? like really short ones?



introverts:  plant a flower, water it every day, pull weeds for charity

extroverts: destroy gardens, cut down trees for no reason, eat sawdust



"talk dirty to me"


Anonymous asked: soshi are gonna flop. their popularity is declining.


A lot of people claim that soshi’s popularity has been declining since 2011. However, they are still “a wall you can’t climb over.” SNSD is doing “so-so” on the charts but they are still winning almost all of their music shows. Minus Inkigayo, most of the votes are made up from texting, digital sales, physical sales and SNS. On this round, Soshi’s digital sales are low, but they are very strong in every other aspect (usually getting perfect scores in texting & SNS). They have won Girl Group of the year, artist of the year…They have won bonsang awards and popularity awards ever since 2009.

A lot of KPOP is male group biased but soshi are really the only girl group who really rise above the rest. When KPOP is promoted, they stick lots of boy groups in- but the girl group who is ALWAYS shown is SNSD. Their CFs, promotions, modelling, Japanese works and what not are higher than lots of girl groups COMBINED. Their fandom itself is twice the size of many other girl groups. When I went to Korea, everyone knew SNSD.

Now take EXO, who are a very popular group with a young and large fandom… There was an ep of EXO showtime where that lady didn’t even know who EXO were. But SNSD are very well known, they are honestly… everywhere. I heard Mr. Mr. played 14 times in the 3(?) days I spent in Korea while the song was out. So yeah, Mr. Mr. didn’t do so well digitally- but hell, neither did IGAB, and they won girl group the year, endless polls about their popularity and that iconic as hell YTMA award.

Realistically SNSD have about 2-5 years left on top, simply because they are growing older, their jobs might change, their interests will change- it’s inevitable that they will disband (or, if we’re lucky, they will be the female Shinhwa!)… BUT snsd’s impact will is more consistent than ANY female group in history. Any other group will most likely be called “the 2nd snsd” if they reach soshi’s level of popularity, tbh. I mean, they hold the record for most music show wins, before PSY’s Gangnam Style, they held the record in Music Bank… Seriously, these girls are on TOP. 

If their popularity is declining and they have already went past their peak, what does that say about other girl groups? No matter what happens, their impact on KPOP and Korea is MASSIVE. No matter what you haters say. And lastly, here’s some gold I found about #SLAYSHIDAE and their haters:


So in case it wasn’t painfully obvious to everyone already, this is basically saying that Tao has ideal facial structure and ratio. His face is ridiculously symmetrical. Professors even use his pictures in their art classes.

Just in case everyone is wondering why he makes such a badass model, there is your answer.